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Established in the late 1980s in former USSR, Sovico Holdings was one of first the Vietnamese companies to trade everyday commodities, electronics, and textiles. At the time the economic transitional period offered a golden opportunity for quick growth for companies such as Sovico Holdings--which knew to strike when the iron was hot.


Exporting rice to Russia.

From 1991 to 1993, after only a few years of operation, Sovico Holdings started to move up the value chain. It shifted to trading capital goods and higher value commodities such as cars, trucks, specialized equipment, steel, iron, oxidized metal, and production equipment and construction equipment.
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From 1993 to 1996, Sovico Holdings began to engage in financial investment, banking operations, and international financial transactions--again upholding the innovative vision of its founders. Shifting from a medium to large-scale transnational business that is active in numerous sectors, Sovico Holdings has conducted business in over 10 countries to date.

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Sovico Holdings has always been enthusiastic in promoting international business: it is one of the six founding members of the Vietnam Business Association in the USSR, whose purpose is to unite the Vietnamese business community in Russia for cooperation and mutual growth.

Since 2004 direct investment in Vietnam has marked Sovico Holding’s new trajectory, which focuses on three major sectors: finance, real estate, and industry. In addition, Sovico Holdings is involved in the aviation and education industries. The overarching goal is to dedicate its resources, professionalism, and experience to the development of Vietnam.

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Inspired by Vietnamese traditions of cooperation and community, Sovico Holdings sponsors numerous charitable activities. This social responsibility includes financing kindergartens, medical units, roads, bridges, and rural transportation networks. Sovico Holdings also funds scholarships for disadvantaged students, healthcare for poor communities, and social and cultural activities for low-income families around the country. The annual budget for Sovico Holdings’ charitable work amounts to tens of billions of Vietnam dong (10 billion VND is approximately $547,000 USD).

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With over 20 years of expertise, Sovico Holdings continues to gather steam. With shifting ventures over the years, it has moved from an incongruent group of member companies to a cohesive parent company-subsidiary model. Combining qualified and competent staff with a sustainable, versatile business vision, Sovico Holdings’ leadership promises a bright future for the corporation.

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