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 Over the past 20 years, our staff members have been key to the success of Sovico Holdings. Our personnel are exceptional at:

- Keeping the vision of the company in mind and adhering to the company’s overarching goals

- Improving the world with fervor and dedication

- Gaining upward mobility, since each employee has an equal chance to develop

- Conducting business with fairness and honesty

 In order to develop competitive business skills, Sovico Holdings pays great attention to training and improving general knowledge of all its personnel. The corporation always supports and facilitates personnel to grow, with a special focus on the next generation of management.

tu thien

 Madam Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao donated gifts for the social work center in Lao Cai

tang so bao hiem y te

Chairman Nguyen Thanh Hung saving books for the poor

Sovico Holdings invests in a variety of group activities: performances, cultural events, musical shows, parties, holiday events, vacations for employees and their relatives, and visits for employees’ weddings and funerals. By establishing a close and warm atmosphere, Sovico Holdings creates a work team strengthened by personal ties--which fosters a healthy corporate culture. All personnel appreciate this aspect of the company’s culture and often cite it as a proud tradition of Sovico Holdings.

 tai tro cau

Sovico inaugurated the bamboo bridge

In addition, Sovico Holdings is dedicated to social causes and often contributes to charitable funds. Its past donations have benefited underprivileged families, Vietnam’s heroic mothers, low-income students, and street children. Funds have also constructed public buildings, schools, hospitals, and bridges in low-income areas. Every year, Sovico Holdings donates billions of VND to charity--fostering a sense of social responsibility among employees.


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