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Sovico Holdings, employing over a thousand national and international staff and experts, is keenly focused in the sectors of Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Energy, Industry, Aviation... has continuously contributed its power and knowledge to the development of Vietnam by consolidating and strengthening its relations and cooperating with many domestic and international partners towards the goal of a developed economy of Vietnam.

With over 17 years of enthusiastic construction and continuous development, and with more than 20 affiliates, SOVICO Group has restructured itself into a new modern management model - SOVICO Holdings.

With the continued integration of the world’s economies, a policy which is espoused by the Vietnamese Government, SOVICO is working to perfect itself with an aim towards continuous sustainable development, compliance with the domestic and international standards of modern business administration, and to become one of the leading professional Investment institutions in Vietnam and the region. These goals are all in order to continuously make a strong contribution to the development of the country’s society and economy. This is really an opportunity for SOVICO to develop its business and investments and we are proud to assert this Vietnamese brand in the international market.

SOVICO Holdings will operate as an economic group with a strong capital capacity, intensive management skills and the most suitable management tools. It will surely achieve its target to become a leading Group resulting in wealth and prosperity for each affiliate.

Each member of SOVICO will cooperate side by side to improve the hard working tradition of unity, innovation, and creative and effective business and investment activities. We will continue to develop and achieve success, based on the principle of implementing long-term, trusted and effective commitment with our partners and foreign investors in a serious manner.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Group, our affiliates and all of our staff and experts, I would like to express my gratitude to all national and international institutions, organizations and individuals who has accompanied, cooperated and shared with us their valuable support during our development. I fully trust that this tradition will continuously be reinforced and improved in the future.
  SOVICO Holdings' Executive Chairwoman
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

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