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Full name of the organization
: Công ty Cổ phần SOVICO
English name : SOVICO HOLDINGS  
Registered capital :1 trillion VND (approximately $53 million USD)  
Chairman : Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung  
Executive Chairwoman:Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao  
COO:Mr. Chu Viet Cuong  
Principle business
  • Consultancy in investment and applications of financial resources
  • Project establishment, investment, management, and transfer for numerous enterprises, economic and social organizations, and new or existing institutions in various sectors
  • Investment in finance and other assets that are not constitutionally prohibited or limited
Real Estate
  • Management and trading services
  • Consultancy in business management, asset management, and human resources management for real estate companies that are restructuring (excluding legal consultancy)
  • Consultancy, investment, construction, development and trade of civil and industrial construction works such as schools, hospitals, irrigation and transportation projects, infrastructure, urban development areas, condominiums, hotels, resorts, tourist and entertainment zones, sports and cultural centers, clubs, restaurants, warehouses, and parking lots
  • Production and trade of electricity
  • Investment, construction and development of electric power plants and clean energy projects
  • Investment in industrial plantation projects
  • Exploration, investment, exploitation, transportation, processing and trade of oils and minerals (excluding constitutionally prohibited minerals)
  • Majority shareholder of the first private airline in Vietnam: VietJet Air
  • Consultancy and investment in overseas study and educational projects (preschool through high school)
  • Consultancy in colleges, universities and post-graduate education
  • Trade in tourism, residential, catering, and personal healthcare services
  • Conference and exhibition planning services
  • Tour trade and services (promotion and tour planning)


Members and Cooperations

VietJet Air

Da Nang Furama Resort


Phu Long Real Estate