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Our vision is a Vietnamese economy defined by fast growth, sustainability, and best business practices.

Our mission is to unite inquisitive, qualified, and patriotic individuals with powerful organizations to promote efficiency in investment and trade, with the overarching goal of contributing to the development and global integration of Vietnam’s economy.

With our professional trading and investment activities, we strive for maximized shareholder and stakeholder profits.

Human Resources.
Our staff is the foundation for our long-term development. Human resources are therefore central to our structure; our work environment balances cooperation and rigor to ensure that staff members take pride in reaching their full potential.

Investment Focus.
We promote Vietnam’s economic boom through sustainable, large-scale projects and investments.

Establishing strong partner networks and solidarity with key industry players is a fundamental element of our approach.


Members and Cooperations

VietJet Air

Da Nang Furama Resort


Phu Long Real Estate