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Sovico Holdings focuses its investments in three key sectors: banking and finance, real estate and the energy industry.

Banking and Finance
With investments that cover nearly the full spectrum of financial services, Sovico Holdings was one of the founding shareholders of Techcombank and VIB Bank. Sovico Holdings leveraged its international business experience to help with management expertise, which enabled these banks to become Vietnam’s leading joint stock banks

Today, Sovico Holdings is the biggest shareholder of HD Bank and actively participates in the bank’s management and strategic planning. In addition, Sovico Holdings is a founder and the largest single shareholder of PVFC Capital Fund Management Company. It is also the controlling shareholder of Phu Gia Securities Company.

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HDBank has signed an agreement with ADB Trade Finance

 Real Estate
In Vietnam’s real estate industry, Sovico Holdings pioneers the mergers and acquisitions aspect of corporate strategy--an example is its purchase of the Furama Resort in Da Nang City. The Furama Resort, located on a beautiful beach, is a luxurious escape with an array of outdoor activities, such as golf and water sports.

An Lam Ninh Van Bay Resort 32

An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas

Presently, Sovico Holdings is expanding its investments in other hotels and resorts. It controls stakes in Ho Guom Hotel in Hanoi and has invested in two large-scale integrated resort and villa projects in Phu Quoc Island (working with Saigontourist) and in Da Nang City (working on a 5-star resort developed by Ariyana, a member of Sovico Holdings).

In addition, Sovico Holdings’ strategy is to invest in residential, office and high-end retail developments. Existing projects include Dragon City in Ho Chi Minh City, the Viet-Russia Joint Venture Bank’s headquarters in Hanoi, the Abacus office building in Ho Chi Minh City and the Hong Ha Building in Hanoi.

Dragon Hill
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Furama Villas

In terms of energy, Sovico Holdings’ investment portfolio in diversified hydroelectric projects includes Binh Dien (44 MW), Daksrong (18 MW), Son Tay Quang Ngai (18 MW), hydroelectric group Canan (15 MW), a thermal power plant with International Power (United Kingdom), and three hydroelectricity projects in Nam Et River, Laos (500 MW) with Electricity of Vietnam and Electricity of Cambodia.

Recently, Sovico Holdings became involved in a rubber project through SGS Rubber Investment Joint Stock Company in Laos. Laotian authorities granted 30,000 hectares of land to implement the project.

Finally, in spearheading market liberalization in the aviation industry, Sovico Holdings is the majority shareholder of the first private airline in Vietnam: VietJet Air. The initial flights of VietJet Air will be a milestone for the corporation’s ongoing effort to take the lead in sector innovation.

Vietjets young and dynamic crew 1


Other Activities

In addition to these three investment focuses, Sovico Holdings also maintains and develops its original business activities of trading and production with partner companies such as Sunco, Vinaman and Nhabexim. Sovico also invests in human capital by jointly establishing Hoa Binh University and Bac Ha University.


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